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Download the AT-AP-RASC 2022 Call for Papers or get more information on topics and proposed sessions.

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Call for Papers

Participants are requested to submit papers
Submission is NOW open !

AT-AP-RASC 2022 Paper Submission

Paper submission

Submission is NOW open !


AT-AP-RASC 2022 Registration will open end 2021

Other Practical Information

The Young Scientist Awards are presented at the URSI Flagship meetings to recognize an international group of individuals who have made innovative contributions and discoveries in multidiscipline research related to electromagnetic fields and waves.

Learn more about the URSI Young Scientist Program

Young Scienitst Programme

Apply for a Young Scientist Award
9th International URSI Student Paper Prize Competition Financially supported by the USA URSI National Committee (USNC-URSI)

Learn more about the AT-AP-RASC 2022 Student Paper Competition

Student Paper Competition

Participate in the Student Paper Competition
Information on the hotels and information on how to get to Gran Canaria and the AT-AP-RASC2022 venue will be posted in the weeks following the URSI GASS 2021 in Rome.

More information on Hotel Accommodation and Travel

Travel information & Hotel accommodation

How to get there and where to stay? ... Information will be posted fall 2021.